DharmaWorks was formed to serve our clients and our community. We serve our clients with healing touch, yoga, artistry, and consulting. Catherine performs resonant body work, relaxation, pre- and post-natal massage as well as being a Certified Yoga Instructor and Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor. Tim provides services as a software consultant and web developer and also creates reflective oil and pastel paintings of Washington’s landscapes and waterways. ¬†We serve our community by offering our clients the choice of donating a percentage of our proceeds to one of several community service partners. Our community service partners are non-profit organizations working to improve our quality of life by focusing on empowerment through education, environmental quality, feeding hunger, providing shelter, and health care services.

Dharma is a Sanskrit term which refers to our true essence, the lawful order of the universe, human morality and ethics. Our Work is to serve ourselves and our community with compassion. We believe that simple acts of loving kindness performed daily through our work can relieve suffering within ourselves and in our community. The simple acts we perform mindfully, with conscious intention, are the powerful steps we take toward wholeness and connection.